Food Safety and Hygiene

In TANIS company, great importance is attached to ensuring the hygiene of all manufactured and marketed products, as well as marketing products available to the general public. For this reason, the management has determined as a superior objective the selection of systematically tested and healthy raw materials and production materials as well as marketable products, the strict observance of the Greek Food and Drink Code, as well as the strict application and maintenance of the HACCP System (Food Safety Management System - Risk Analysis and Critical Control Points) in accordance with the criteria of ELOT 1416, at all stages of the production process, the scope of which includes the following:

a)   Marketing of frozen food, maintenance and dry storage - food storage and disposal

b)   Production & distribution of Croquettes & Salads

To achieve this goal, management has committed itself to achieving the following:

1)  Systematic recognition, assessment and control of the risks associated with food safety and the marketing of food.

2)  Implementation of controlled processes and methods of storage / preservation and disposal of all food products (including ensuring the availability of appropriate conditions and means).

3)  Establishment of controls and tests to confirm and validate compliance of foods with specified food safety standards - both by securing suppliers' certificates of suitability and by performing regular verification checks.

4)  Systematic verification of confirmation and validation of the HACCP System.

5)  Selection and appointment of qualified staff and provision of necessary training in food safety and hygiene.

6)  Precise determination of production and labor positions covered by the HACCP System.

Based on professionalism, long and proven experience, as well as awareness raising of management and staff in food safety, TANIS company looks forward to a steady business development and further enhancement of its good name on the market.


HACCP Certification

since 2005

The Company has been certified since 2005 by the accredited international organization Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance for Codex Allimentarius Compliance (HACCP) in the following fields:

HACCP System Management for the Marketing and Distribution of Refrigerated - Freezing and Dry Storage Foods. Design and Distribution of Croquettes and Salads.

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What does this mean?

The implementation of this standard and the correct application of the rules governing it, ensure that products are produced in places suitable for the safe manufacture of foods and that all predicted production and cleaning procedures of the laboratories are followed to ensure that there is no risk of contaminating the products until they reach your table.