Salt Reduction Strategy

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Research in European states has shown that only 10-15% of the intake of sodium comes from the addition of salt during cooking and meal.

[Directorate of Nutritional Policy and Research of EFET]

Salt has deep roots in the Greek cuisine, so most Greek recipes contain excess salt.

At the same time, the increased salt intake (and in particular the content of sodium in it) has been associated with the development of hypertension while being accused of other diseases.

Taking this into account, the international community directs the market to produce products that contain reduced or no salt.

In this direction we are adjusting our recipes and by performing tasting tests and conducting A / B tests, we gradually reduce the amount of added salt in our products.

We reduce the salt.

Our products contain on average less than 1 gram of salt per 100 grams of product, which accounts for less than 15% of the Reference Inquiry Amount.