Food Additives Policy

We recognize the need to utilize modern technological tools to design and optimize the range of our products.

At the same time, we support the importance of producing "cleaner" labels both as a requirement from our customers and as a commitment to our principles for designing products as homemade and continuing to produce them not only in terms of cost levels but also in maintaining the corporate ethos, which makes us proud of the products we produce.

In this context, we have developed our product design and development processes based on the following principles, minimizing or even eliminating the use of additives in both production and final products:


We set strict criteria in choosing our suppliers and we are supplying superior quality raw materials so that we have a base with the best organoleptic characteristics without additives wherever possible.


We continuously upgrade our equipment as we use mechanical and technical means in the processing of raw materials to produce qualitatively stable products that do not need additives.


We produce products that are kept in the freezer, thus keeping the freshness of raw materials at the time of their production without the need for additional preservative.

The above principles apply to all levels of the corporate organization from 1992 until today.