Quality Assurance

The management of TANIS recognizes the importance and the necessity of ensuring the hygiene of the products it marketing and the croquettes - salads it producting, their quality, as well the quality of the services and the satisfaction of the customers as a means for differentiation from competition, but also for business development. For this reason, it has set as the ultimate objective the distribution of food products - own production and marketing - which systematically satisfy the requirements and expectations of all customers in terms of quality, delivery time, hygiene & flavor. 

To achieve this goal, the firm's management and staff have committed themselves to achieving the following: 

1)  Implementation of a quality management system in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001: 2015 and continuous evaluation and improvement of its effectiveness. 

2)  Implementation of a food hygiene safety management system in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 22000. 

3)  Define quality objectives and regularly assess the performance of both the business as a whole and its business sectors involved. 

4)  Systematic collection, analysis and evaluation of customers' requirements, expectations and suggestions and upgrading of food and services, based on these.

5)  Implementation of controlled processes and working methods and continuous improvement of these. 

6)  Establishment of required confirmation and verification checks on the compliance of all produced and marketed food and service to specified standards.

7)  Ensuring appropriate means and conditions for receiving, preparing, packaging, storing and disposing of products and continuously upgrading them. 

8)  Appointment of sufficient resources to perform all tasks of receiving, storing and distributing products to customers. Concern for constantly upgrade knowledge and skills of them.

9)  Systematic compliance with contractual obligations and applicable law. 

Based on expertise, long experience, increased business capabilities and the commitment to satisfying all of its clients, TANIS management and staff look forward to a steady business growth and market share increment.





Certification according to ISO 9001: 2015

since 2005

The Company has been certified since 2005 by the accredited international organization Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance for compliance according to EN ISO 9001: 2015, in the following fields:

Marketing and Distribution of Refrigeration - Freezing and Dry Storage Foods. 
Design and Distribution of Croquettes and Salads.

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What does this mean?

The implementation of this standard, as well as the faithful application of the rules that govern it, ensures that products are produced on the basis of specific stringent specifications whenever they are produced and the processes followed after production ensure that each time the products will be in perfect condition from the beginning until they reach customers dish.