Design and Development of New Products

Staying a pioneer means being innovative!

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Continuous Development and Design

With the Department of Product Design and Development working continuously, we discover and present new products

Design Stages

Basic steps in designing a new product


Laboratory Test

Here takes place the Product Design and the first organoleptic evaluations.


Pilot Production

Here, Pilot production takes place in a controlled environment to ensure production capability and the achievement of quality objectives in the final product. The scale is 1:100


General Production

Once product design has been completed, production and delivery of quantities to customers begin.

Customized Production and Specialized Design

We produce customized variants of shape, weight and / or packaging for our customers, and we can produce products designed from scratch on demand, based on specifications. so that we can offer them a competitive advantage.

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We are constantly looking for new ways to combine and convert simple raw materials into enjoyable dishes.